Creativity and Music at APA 2014

Last week I attended the 122nd annual conference of the American Psychological Association for the first time. I was glad I did and here are the reasons why: 1) There were so many sessions focusing on creativity! Creativity is such a fringe topic in Cognitive Psychology. It was exhilarating to be in an environment that […]

Ingress: The War Between Frogs and Smurfs in Your Own Backyard

Yesterday I was catching up on my web comic feed and read about Ingress in Real Life Comics. It is an Augmented Reality game put out by Google that is playable on Android and iPhones. It is a little bit MMO, a little bit Geocaching and a little bit of FourSquare. These are three things […]

Successful presentations at the 22nd Annual Meeting of Minds Undergraduate Research Conference

This year every research assistant in the Cognitive Lab presented at Meeting of Minds (MoM)! Four presented posters and one gave a talk. They all did a great job! Brittany Ventline examined the data set we were working on this year to examine whether or not gender differences existed in attention to and use of […]

Reflections on the Creativity of Cartoon Accompaniment

I am enjoying the synchronicity across the various textsI have been consuming for a paper I am writing on thematic music (e.g., comedy music, Chinese music). I am currently reading Daniel Goldmark’s “Tunes for Toons: Music and the Hollywood Cartoon.” I found this book in one of my literature searches for papers on the referential […]

Reflections on linear and angular martial arts

I just read this interesting post ( on martial arts techniques that reflects on linear (karate, shin e) and circular (aikido, ba qua) styles of martial arts. I believe that there are general principles of combat based on the way the human body is built and moves. Ultimately, all martial arts are going to discover […]

Familiarity of Thematic Music Affects Story Generation Performance MPA13

Just finished my presentation for the MPA 2013 conference.  I will be giving a talk tomorrow morning (5/2/2013) at 12:00 PM in Salon A. The talk will be about the research I have been conducting examining the ability of thematic music to activate associated concepts and how that activation affects performance in a generation task.  […]

The overjustification effect: A potential peril of gamification

I just read an interesting post on the GCO website describing “how to provide more meaningful rewards in your parenting.”  This article touched on a phenomenon that I believe needs to be examined more closely in gamification – the overjustification effect. The overjustification effect occurs when a person is given a reward of some sort […]

Gleik’s “The Information”: Reflections on Shannon’s contributions to Computer Science

I have been reading Gleik’s new book “The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood” and have been enjoying it very much.  This particular infovore especially enjoys feeding on information about information – technology, language, computers, and so on.  Consequently, Gleik’s book hits all the sweet spots for me. I am about halfway through the […]

Hawthorne’s “Country of the Blind” as Commentary on Scientific Progress

I wrote the following essay for the MOOC Course “Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World.” This is a 10 week course in which we read (at least) one novel a week and submit a 270-320 word essay about that week’s readings. This has been an interesting course for me in many […]

Reflections on the Romantics’ Understanding of Life and Death

Hawthorne’s “Artist of the Beautiful” allows interesting reflections about the nature of life and death. In this story, Owen strives to create a clockwork butterfly that is so perfect that it is a “spiritualization of matter” (p. 523).  Unlike other stories of this nature written by Hawthorne and Poe, Owen actually succeeds in this endeavor, […]