The overjustification effect: A potential peril of gamification

I just read an interesting post on the GCO website describing “how to provide more meaningful rewards in your parenting.”  This article touched on a phenomenon that I believe needs to be examined more closely in gamification – the overjustification effect. The overjustification effect occurs when a person is given a reward of some sort […]

Hawthorne’s “Country of the Blind” as Commentary on Scientific Progress

I wrote the following essay for the MOOC Course “Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World.” This is a 10 week course in which we read (at least) one novel a week and submit a 270-320 word essay about that week’s readings. This has been an interesting course for me in many […]

Infovore Feeding on Sperm Whales Today

I have been (slowly) reading Moby Dick on my iPhone when I find myself bored or waiting in line for something. Recently, I watched the Encore movie adaptation of Moby Dick (Worth the watch. I recommend it) and was wondering how accurate the movie was in its visual representation of a sperm whale.  I wondered […]