Virtual Reality

Both of the pages will explain 

  • The theme
  • Areas of interest for that topic
  • The research I have engaged in for that section (maybe)
    • Describe the research
    • Include citations
  • List of speaking engagements and contracts/consulting

    Video games (need clever title for this section
  • Areas of Interest: How video games affect how people interact with each other, their relationships in the game, immersion in the game and the gaming worlds they inhabit and their relationships to those places.
  • Catchy talk titles to draw people in
  • Video Games: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Examining the positive effects of playing video games, the negative effects of playing video games and the subset of players that engage in bad behavior. The talk explains the types of games that facilitate positive game play, the factors underlying problematic gaming and strategies to reduce the behaviors contributing to toxic gameplay communities
  • Pokemon Go, Wizarding World and Ingress: The world is your playground
  • Location based mobile games such as Pokemon Go has become one of the more popular types of mobile video games. Learn how these augmented reality games increase players knowledge of their surroundings often discovering local gems hidden in plain sight, develop friendships and improve their health.
  • Immersion and identity in virtual worlds
  • (will talk about immersion in games and how we inhabit that world and how our avatar might affect our perception of ourself. This could be two talks – immersion as one and identity in the other) 
  • Finding love and friendship in video games
  • Most of the discussion about video games focuses on the negative outcomes of video game play. However, people around the world have found love and friendship while playing video games. Learn the stories of these people and how being part of a video game community improves relationships inside and outside of the game.
  • Getting lost in the game and loving it.
  • (still need to come up with a good description)
  • (This topic will cover immersion but not in the detail as “Immersion in Virtual Worlds”. It will talk about people,s ability to get immersed in many activities. It will address how these virtual worlds are interacted with as if they were real worlds. How they have relationships with those places.

Still don’t know if the videos and posts for the specific content should be included on each page (VR posts/videos on VR page, creative cognition posts/videos on the creative cognitive page?).

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