Familiarity of Thematic Music Affects Story Generation Performance MPA13

Just finished my presentation for the MPA 2013 conference.  I will be giving a talk tomorrow morning (5/2/2013) at 12:00 PM in Salon A.

The talk will be about the research I have been conducting examining the ability of thematic music to activate associated concepts and how that activation affects performance in a generation task.  This is the first actual talk I have given on the topic (I have presented several posters) and I am looking forward to sharing this research with a wider audience.  Unfortunately, I was scheduled to speak in a session about emotion.  My research has nothing to do with emotion.  That said, I included some information about music influencing moods.  Hopefully that will keep the existing audience in their seats.  I’m not to sure what the turn out for my talk will be given that it isn’t placed somewhere my normal audience would expect to see it.

In any case, they can find the talk here.  I have uploaded pdf notes of the presentation and will record the talk as I give it and post it here when I am done.


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